Luis Cuende

About me

Co-founder of Aragon and Executive Director of the Aragon Association.

On April 10, Luis Cuende tweeted to announce the launch of Nation3 DAO to build a so-called cloud nation. It was included by CoinGecko on April 19, and its token (NATION) price soared from $510 to $12,749, a maximum increase of 2399%.

Luis is a hacker and free culture lover who founded various startups since he got involved in free software development at age 12. He was awarded as the best hacker of Europe under 18 at age 15.

He was also an Advisor to the Vice-president of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes, who is in charge of the EU's Digital Agenda.

He has already released his first book, that reached the #1 in Amazon's Business category. Although he is 19 he is not attending college and believes a huge change in the educational system has to be made.

Luis defines himself as a crypto-anarchist, and because of that he's a Bitcoin lover. His latest startup, called Stampery, wants to provide a digital certification method by using Bitcoin's technology to get rid of notaries.

Luis Cuende

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