Julien Bouteloup

About me

Winner of many hackathon, Julien is a serial entrepreneur, Nomad life, Inventor and addicted to crazy innovative ideas. He has started his entrepreneurial career building websites and selling hardware technologies at age 14.

He holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Union Graduate College (USA) and a Master's degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from GEM (France). Artificial Intelligence specialisation.

He has started working in the research sector in USA and then went back to Europe where he started freelancing full-time and consulting in the IT sectors for the Security & Defence. After 2 years, he quit his freelance position to become a full-time entrepreneur and then left to Asia.

He has helped and started multiple tech startups in different locations: NYC, Paris, London, Hong-Kong, Brussels and Singapore.

Julien Bouteloup

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