The Open Economy - Mass Adoption or Mass Mania

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Rentier capitalism turbo-charged by technology has profited the few; negatively impacted politics, mental health and the environment and constrained economic outcomes to silo’d local optimums. The future is in fact more capitalism, and as with most of the future its already here just not evenly spread. The secret is ‘digital ownership’. Belonging, skin-in-the-game, a share in the upside. There is ‘virtue in selfishness’ is fundamental to family, to society (the ‘virtue of selfishness’) and it turns out we now have the technology to make them fundamental to business also. A better, more benevolent form of business.

Richard Muirhead, Managing Partner, Fabric Ventures
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Day 2
5:00 pm

NFTs - Market Opportunity of NFTs

You've heard of CryptoKitties and Beeples' $69m JPEG, but art & collectibles are just the beginning. There are trillions of $ of non-fungible assets in the meatspace, what value will accrue in the metaverse?

Day 1
11:00 am

Healthcare - Who Owns my Data?

Do you know where your private critical data is stored or who has access to it?

Day 2
11:00 am

DeFi - StableCoin

Stablecoins are the backbone of our decentralised financial system the last two years' explosion in DeFi doesn't likely happen without the proliferation of stablecoins. What are the differences between the various stablecoins and which experiments prove most promising?

Day 1
4:00 pm

Crypto and Macro Investing

When volatility is the norm and meme culture inspired coins are making teenage millionaires - what are the fundamentals and metrics we should use when investing in crypto?

Day 2
6:00 pm

Music - Why is the Music Industry Broken and why are the Giants being Investigated?

Artists have been marginalized for as long as music has been commercialized, how can this luddite industry be updated in the Open Web?

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