How community-owned gig worker platform can partially alleviate poverty while teaching people valuable skills in the process


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Today's internet platforms are rewarded exponentially as they gain traction whilst their essential Gig Economy workers are rewarded linearly and do not share in the value created. HumanGuild uses community-owned gig economy platforms to transform this relationship with unexpected spillover effects on workers' living standards and human capital.

Sasha Hudzilin, Co-Curater, HumanGuild
June 15, 2021
4:00 pm
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Day 1
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Part 2. Data Economy - What is it? What Will it Take?

The most successful business model of the internet has been to harvest as much data as possible and only share it if profit can be extracted. Let's consider a new model, where all participants are aligned in their incentives to maximise benefit for the system as a whole.

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DeFi - Risks to Sovereign Monetary Policy

The power that is given to individuals and protocols to control their assets and economic parameters threatens the influence of Central Banks.

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Healthcare - Who Owns my Data?

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NFTs - Decentralised Media. What is it?

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Day 3
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In his talk, Dr, Steven Waterhouse will discuss how human values are built into our technology and how those values influence society. The next generation of technology can be built upon different values than the last as questions of safety and freedom continue to evolve.

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